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What is this Census 2020 stuff that is everywhere? 

The Census is an attempt to get an accurate population count within the United States.  This "count" has been happening since our Founding Fathers wrote it into our Constitution.  They conducted their first Census in 1790, and this has been occurring every 10 years since then.  Rather than wealth or land being used to designate who will have a voice in Government, the Founding Fathers wanted the people to have the voice.  They came up with a methodology of Apportionment, where the population will determine representation within the National Government.

Be Counted Michigan 2020 Census

Why do we do this population survey? 

This is one of the methods the Federal government uses to get proper representation within Congress while also helping disperse funds across the states.  So if a count is not completed thoroughly by residents, states risk not only the chance of their funding being reduced, but also having less representation within the National Government in DC.  Exactly what happened to Michigan following the 2010 census.  Michigan lost out by having its funding cut and losing a Representative in DC. Making the 2020 Census even more important for Michiganders to get an accurate count.  Each resident represents roughly $1,800/year in Federal funding.  With the Census only taken every 10 years, that one person would actually represent about $18,000 in state funding.

Example:  2010 Census reported 9,883,640 Michigan residents.

If only 5,000 people were not counted or did not complete the 2010 Census....  

 5,000 x $1,800 = $9,000,00 lost in one year of funding.

$9,000,000 x 10 years until next Census = $90,000,000 lost in state funding.

How will the 2020 Census be completed?

The first mailings will be sent in Mid-March requesting people to complete their census online regarding ALL people residing in the household on April 1, 2020.  Yes, even if they are illegal immigrants or a foreign exchange student, if they are sleeping there April 1, you add that person to your Census count at that residence.  If a person is unable to complete their online version, there will also be a paper version along with some that can be completed over the phone.  For those without personal internet access at their residence, check with a local library or CIL where computers may be available to complete your census.  People will have until August 14th to complete the Self-Response phase (mail, phone, online) of the 2020 Census.  Best idea is to complete the Census at your earliest convenience, as you will continue to receive requests asking you to complete the Census until completed. 

For peace of mind, it is important to know that under Federal law

the information you provide must be kept confidential for the next 72 years.  

When will the Census happen?

The Census occurs every 10 years.  The 2020 Census mailing will begin to be circulated in mid-March 2020.  Residencies will be mailed a postcard with information and directions to complete the Census online.    In an attempt to keep the online version running smoothly, the mailings will be sent in a staggered pattern.  The whole US will not be getting the Census at the same exact time.  Hopes being that using a staggered schedule of mailings, the website will remain up and working throughout the Census.

What Questions are on the Census?

The 2020 Census will have questions to gain a better understanding of our US demographics.  To take a look at the upcoming Census follow this link for the THE 2020 CENSUS.

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