disAbility Connections Staff


Lesia Pikaart - woman with short hair smiles to camera Lesia Pikaart - Executive director. (517)998-3082. email is lesia@disabilityconnect.org . Monday through Friday 9am to 430 pm


Mindy Albert - woman with short red hair smilesMindy Albert - Information and Referral Specialist. (517)782-6054. email is Mindy@disabilityconnect.org Monday through Friday 830am - 1230pm

Lora Bigcraft - blonde woman with curly hair and glasses Lora Bigcraft - Services Director. (517)998-3081. email is lora@disabilityconnect.org Monday through Friday 830am - 430pm

Carole Briggs - Older woman with short curly hairCarole Briggs - Respite coordinator. (517)998-3079. email is carole@disabilityconnect.org . Wednesday 9am through 430 pm

Charles Butchart - Supervisor & Trainer with Students.  (517)782-6054.  Email is Charles@disabiltyconnect.orgCharles Butchart.  Older man with medium long grey hair and goatee in a red flannel shirt

Cyd Collins - Woman with short sandy blonde hair and glasses Cyd Collins - Accounts Receivable Specialist. (517)998-3085. email is Cyd@disabilityconnect.org Monday through Friday 830am through 430pm

Ina Correll - Woman with shoulder length brown hair and eyes smiles at camera  Ina Correll - Quality Assurance. (517)998-3096. email is Ina@disabilityconnect.org  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 830am through 230pm and Wednesday 11am to 230pm

Brian Elliott - Community Outreach & ADA Specialist in Lenawee County. (517)782-6054. email is Brian@disabilityconnect.org Monday through Friday 830am to 430pmBrian Elliott - man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and beard smiles at camera

young woman with long blonde hair and glasses sits in an office chair and a long sleeved pink shirt

Jon Hart - Youth Training and Assessment Coordinator & Youth Services Director. (517)998-3092. email is Jon@disabilityconnect.org . Monday through Friday 830am to 430pmJon Hart - gentleman with medium length brown hair and a beard smiles at camera 

Ladarious Jefferies - young man with short black hair and thin beardLedarious Jefferies - Durable medical equipment

man with short trimmed hair and beard sits at his desk in a blue collared shirt, turns to his right for picture

Kimberly Parker - woman with long black hair Kimberly Parker - Vocational Coordinator. (517)780-7450. email is Parkerk11@michigan.gov Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

Holly Peterson - Woman with red shoulderlength hair smiles towards camera Holly Peterson - Parent Education & Resource Coordinator. (517)998-3097. email is Hollyp@disabilityconnect.org

Young man with a shaved head and glasses sits in his office chair smiling to the camera

Carmon Yeloushan - woman with short blonde hairCarmon Yeloushan - Nursing facility transition Coordinator. (517)998-3080. email is Carmony@disabilityconnect.org Monday through Friday 830am to 430pm

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