Dog the Bounty Hunter Fights to Save Souls from Addiction

01 Oct 2018 2:01 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

Did you know that people with disabilities are much more likely to struggle with a dependency on substances because of preexisting conditions?  It is always a delicate balancing act between controlling pain and addiction.  Anyone can find themselves in the perfect storm like Duane after a recent back surgery.  It took some work to give up the pain pills, with the support of his wife Beth, Dog was able to shed the meds.  When you're arguably the most famous bounty hunter in the world; dealing with people caught in the grip of addiction is just part of the job.  Duane Chapman better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his beloved wife Beth, a recent cancer survivor, have made it their mission to make a difference.

Dog brought his message to the Michigan Theater in Jackson of never give up on anybody. There is always hope.  He asked the intimate gathering; “Do you know of people that need treatment?  If you do, get them to me and my friends and we will work to save their lives".

There's hardly a family out there that isn't affected by addiction and Dog and Beth's family is no exception.  Fourteen years ago on the eve of their wedding their daughter Barbara was killed in a car accident while under the influence.  After that terrible tragedy they searched for a program that actually worked and didn't cost an arm and a leg and ended up partnering with Treatment Partners of America.

About a hundred and twenty people were in attendance.  Dog said they did very little advertising of this event because he wanted to keep it small in hopes that they might not make anyone seeking help feel overwhelmed.  His voice cracked and the tears rolled down his face as he talked about how addiction has affected his life and the people around him.  A lot of people talk about the opioid crisis, but Dog and Beth are two people who are actively working towards solutions.  The veteran reality stars constantly give back and ultimately give thanks and credit for everything they do to their Christian faith.  If you or someone in your life needs help call 1-888-734-3175 or log on to

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