Ph. D. in Adapting and Problem Solving

01 Oct 2018 4:30 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

Just like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, daily life with a disability is about problem solving.  While the typical daily issues aren’t as complex as a Rubik’s Cube and after a time or two of the same obstacle, the problem/task becomes easier.   How you go about solving and working through problems are completely up to you.  Often through trial and error we can get to our end goal.  Just may not be in a time effective manner.  After enough time, problem encounters, and going through strategies a person with a disability practically has earned their Ph.D. in Adapting and Problem Solving.

First things first, patience is an underrated virtue.  Personally, as a Quad with no dexterity in my hands I encounter this on a nearly daily basis.  How will I “grab” something, open it, pick it up, hold it in my possession without dropping/spilling/breaking or opening it inadvertently?  That’s a big part of why I don’t have nice things.  I know I will drop anything in my possession, at some point, if I handle or hold something long enough, it’s going down.  However, losing your control and getting upset typically won’t aide in solving or adapting to a situation.  In fact, will often take you off track and leave you with anger over not getting what you wanted in the beginning. 

You will fail.  Everything is not going to go right for you. 

Take the time to step back and evaluate what you did.  Maybe a simple tweak here or there will give you what you wanted.  Maybe you need to take a completely new approach to find what works best for you.  What is good for others, may not be best for you.  Just like the way you do something may not work for other people. Creativity, willingness to try, and adaptability are important.  Getting advice or ideas from other people with similar disabilities is a great resource and honestly probably the best resource!  People that have been there and done that. Occupational Therapists are another resource, they love sharing or thinking of how to adapt equipment or know of where to look for assistance.  

The key is to not give up and keep trying.  If you want to do something bad enough, there is probably a way to do it.  Maybe a new perspective from a separate person is what is needed.  Whatever the reason, having the patience to consistently move forward and not throw in the towel or get so frustrated and quit are key to adaptation and life with a disability.  Through various experimenting a solution will come around for you.  If not, if all else fails, take the stickers off the Rubik’s Cube and put them where you want them.  That’s the only way I ever solved one of those things.  Sometimes a simple life-hack is all that is needed between you and obtaining your own Ph. D. in Adapting and Problem Solving.

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