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How is my community affected?
There’s a lot at stake. Funding for medical care relies on an 

accurate census count. Funding for education and food programs,

as well as for roads and bridges, also depends on the census.

Congressional representation is based upon area population counts.

Without an accurate census count, Michigan

could lose a Congressional seat in Washington, D.C.


Each resident represents roughly $1,800/year in Federal funding.  With the Census only taken every 10 years, that one person would actually represent about $18,000 in state funding. Funding that could be used with programs such as Head Start, Public Housing assistance, Community Development Block Grants, and more.

Example:  2010 Census reported 9,883,640 Michigan residents.

If only 5,000 people were not counted or did not complete the 2010 Census....  

5,000 x $1,800 = $9,000,00 lost in one year of funding.

$9,000,000 x 10 years until next Census = $90,000,000 lost in state funding.

Political Representation

Numbers from the 2020 Census will be used to determine political boundaries, including the Congressional Districts along with State House and Senate districts across the country.

Public Infrastructure

Government will use the Census when it allocates funding towards your local

  • Transportation
  • Schools
  • Affordable Housing
  • Health Centers

Private Investment

Large and small businesses can use Census information to asses

  • New markets
  • Investment opportunities
  • Determine services and goods sold
  • Site Selection

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