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disAbility Connections staff, board members and volunteers are involved in advocacy at local, state and federal levels to address barriers, provide input on necessary changes and to help collect information on needs in our community.  Following are our current areas of focus.


Administration for Community Living (ACL) is gathering input on proposed rules to guide the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014.  We are encouraging comment through February 19, 2016 on these important rules.  If you would like to provide your comments/input, go to :



The State Independent Living Council (SILC) is gathering input on the 2017-2019 State Plan for Independent Living.  There are several ways to provide input to the SILC by taking a survey found on the website: , or call the SILC office at        (517)371-4872.  Make your voice heard!



disAbility Connections staff are currently focusing on the following areas:


     JTA Advisory Council - Parrish Stahl, disAbility Connections staff, is a member of the JATA Advisory Council the l Transit Advisory Council (LTAC).  If you have questions or concerns you would like brought forward you can contact him at 517-998-3089 or email at  .

     JATA Board Member -  Jim Cyphers, disAbility Connections staff, is a Board Member of Jackson Area Transit Authority.  He may be reached at 517-998-3083 or email  .  We also work with Key Opportunities in Hillsdale County and Lenawee Transportation regarding concerns in those counties.

     Walkable Communities Task Force - Attended by Parrish Stahl, disAbility Connections staff. This group is concerned with all people being able to move around the city with ease using public transportation, bikes, wheelchairs, and mobility devices;  also focuses on sidewalks with ADA accessible curb ramps and cutaways, proper signage, bicycle lanes as well as trails, walkways and other methods of connecting people throughout the city.


     City of Jackson Human Relations Commission-  Parrish Stahl, disAbility Connections staff, is a member of this City Commission representing people with disabilities and their concerns.

     Continua of Care - Finding safe, accessible and affordable housing is a challenge to locate in all our communities.  disAbility Connections staff are members of the Continua of Care for Homelessness in Jackson (Parrish Stahl and Lesia Pikaart), Hillsdale (Carmon Yeloushan) and Lenawee (Dan Ramey and Dana Vance) to provide input on housing needs of people with disabilities in our communities.  These groups work to gather information on community needs, develop local plans and apply for funds to address local needs through HUD, MSHDA and other funding streams.

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