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Frank and Shirley Dick YMCA

26 Jan 2022 2:18 PM | Brian Elliott (Administrator)

Frank and Shirley Dick Family YMCA in Adrian

          Staying active has physical, emotional, and mental benefits for  all people and for those with disabilities those benefits are amplified/more important.  However, if adaptions are needed in order to be active it canFigure 1: Zero step entry to YMCA indoor pool. be a little more difficult to accomplish and get those benefits.  The Frank and Shirley Dick Family YMCA near Adrian, MI that opened in October, 2020 put some thought into accessibility.

 The facility includes an accessible 4’ deep pool featuring a zero step entry and an operable lift in the 4’ section, steam room, 2 basketball court gymnasium, group fitness room, child care, locker rooms, and exercise equipment. The men’s, women’s, and family locker rooms are accessible and include an accessible shower and accessible toilet.  The overall layout of this YMCA that is accessible, open, and well lit. There are 5-6 accessible parking spaces near the entrance in a circle drive atop a slight hill.  All other parking spaces are down the small hill and a short walk to the    front doors where there is an automatic opener button for the far right door.    Each component of this YMCA can be used by people with varying disabilities. 

The Freemotion exercise machines are accessible on various levels.  They feature cable/pulley systems which allow for wider access and use.  A couple provide space where wheelchairs can be used and machines are spaced well.  For those with weakened grips, bringing wraps for your hands and the handles may be beneficial.  If needed, a person with a disability is able to bring in an assistant free of charge.  That person is there to assist with chair positioning, transfers, or setting up equipment.  The assistant cannot use their access as a pass to freely use the YMCA.

1 of 2 wheelchair accessible Dual Cable exercise machines. The side arms are fully adjustable to fit various positional needs.

We encourage community members of all abilities to take advantage of resources like The Frank and Shirley Dick Family YMCA.  Please take proper safety precautions and speak with your medical advisor on what is best for you before starting an exercise program.   We are looking forward to seeing what 2022 will provide for each of you, and hope you are able to find enjoyment in some form of activity to improve your overall health in this new-year!


 exercise bike  accessible pool lift seatexercise bike with seat turnedaccessible roll in showermachines built to be accessible for exercise equipment

 Exercise stations with their cable & pulley systems. Each component of this YMCA can be used by people with varying disabilities.

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