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Stay Warm

02 Nov 2022 1:58 PM | Brian Elliott (Administrator)

As the cold weather begins to sink its teeth in for the long winter, staying warm becomes a constant desire shared among people with disabilities.  , There are some things people can do to feel warmer without cranking the heat and adding expensive bills.

  • ·        Dress appropriately – Wearing clothing for the conditions is a must.  Multiple layers will be the ticket for many people.  Loose fitting layers allow air to stay trapped within the layers and warm the body.  A hat for your head, even indoors, is going to help bunches as well.
  • ·        Eating/drinking – Try drinking hot drinks such as tea’s, coffee, or even just water and making sure to eat properly.  Food provides essential nutrients that help to fuel the body, so be sure to get your fruits and veggies in.  Staying hydrated and fed will help to keep you warmer through the day.
  • ·        Blankets – Find a good blanket for your needs.  At the office, maybe a lap blanket for the legs or a wrap for over the shoulders when there is a little chill.  When you are home and have the chance for a bigger option, there are the standard blankets of various materials or you can actually go with a weighted blanket.  Ever try something like a Snuggie?  Something you slip over your head and covers your front and back, maybe even has a hood, yet your hands are free to work or at least still use with ease.  This slip over the head version may be great for trips outside as well, when coats can be too much.
  • ·        Heating pads – When used with caution they can be a great way to relax and warm the body or spots in need of relief.  Options for heat can be electric, rice bags, or even water bottles filled with hot water.  For those without sensation throughout their body, please pay attention to your skin.  You don’t want any burns from using something too hot or for too long!!
  • ·        Increase Blood Flow - Exercise and/or Massage will help you warm up through increasing the body blood flow and bringing up oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissues.  Colder weather restricts blood flow as the body keeps the main organs warm, taking flow away from our hands and legs.   Doing some form of exercise, even just body weight squats, boxing, jump rope (or just swinging your arms as if jumping rope) that doesn’t require any or minimal equipment in your home will help.  Getting some sort of a massage will also help.  The friction of rubbing or getting deep tissue work done will also make blood move to more places and help the body maintain a good temp.

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