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Exercise Ideas for People with Disabilities

02 Nov 2022 2:03 PM | Brian Elliott (Administrator)

Regardless of the method you choose, the important part is that you are making a choice to be a healthier you.  For those of us with disabilities, regular exercise is important, maybe even more important than someone without other conditions.  Make the most of what you have control over. A healthier you is important for whatever the future brings.

·        Boxing – Boxing is a great exercise for people of all abilities.  Through its movements, the variety of punches help to build strength, range of motion and increase heart rate for cardiovascular health.  Simply by keeping arms up and elbows above your heart, it just takes a few minutes to begin feeling the impact from the session.  Over time there are always the options to build in speed, use longer sessions, or even adding some small weights for true tests of strength and endurance.  If using your full arm isn’t possible, try to just move your shoulder in the motion.  You’ll be surprised at how much you will feel it afterwards.

·        Bodyweight Exercise – Our natural bodies and gravity can produce good results without the need for a bunch of equipment or weights laying around.  Plus, most exercise can be modified to fit the ability level of the person.  Squats, wall-sits, push-ups, lunges, jumps, stretches, holds, get-ups, and many more can be altered and performed in some manner to benefit the person. 
·        Walks, Running, or Rolling – Again, not much equipment truly needed to participate with walking, running, or pushing a wheelchair.  The steps/distance will add up whether it’s on trails, tracks, treadmills, streets, or standing in place!  If going outside, ensure to have proper clothing and water for cold or warm weather depending on the season and that someone knows where you are going.  Maybe consider looking for local groups you can join that get together every week or so to go out.
·        Yoga – Slow everything down for a bit through some yoga.  There are bunches of different versions to follow online or look for local, in –person classes to join.  These guided sessions can be modified to a person’s ability and you do the best that you can.
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