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Clothing Prepping For The Cold

16 Nov 2023 4:24 PM | Brian Elliott (Administrator)

Outerwearillustration of a young boy and girl dressed in winter clothes th girl is in a wheelchair and h boy is holding a wrapped gift in his hands

  • Coat - 

    • You want something that will be warm by blocking wind and maintaining body temperature, yet it's also important that the coat has closures that you can easily manage by zipper, buttons, velcro, even magnets sewn into portions, or another method that accommodates your functional ability.  If self-securing the closure is not an option, you can simplify by getting a parka or leave the coat zipped, buttoned, or strapped and pull over your head, similar to putting on a shirt.

  • Scarf

    • These help to trap warm air in and around your neck and face.
    • Help to fight colds, which reproduce more easily in your nose under cooler temps. 
    • Add some style to your outfit.
  • Gloves/mittens - 

    • Protect those fingers/hands from the elements!  Total user preference on this issue.  Mittens tend to be warmer for hands than gloves, but may not be most functional, depending on activity.  Gloves, even with thinner material in the fingers for increased sensitivity, may be essential depending on tasks being addressed.

  • Head-cover -

    • This is a must have.  Your head is where the heat escapes easiest.  

    • For those with hearing difficulties, a hood attached to your jacket may be the easiest option for pulling down to listen to conversation or street sounds rather than a hat.

  • Boots - 

    • You need to try them on to see how easy they are to put on and how they feel taking steps.  Add thick socks on your feet to get a true feel during the trial session.  You want your footwear to have at least these three attributes if you are going to be walking around. 

      • Waterproof - keep your feet and socks dry if going through snow.

      • Well-insulated - to keep your feet warm.

      • Slip-resistant and ‘GRIPPY” bottoms - keep you upright and avoid slips on ice.  Buy add-on crampons to really dig into any icy terrain if you feel the need.

    • #Awareness
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