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More to Give

01 Nov 2019 1:58 PM | Anonymous

More to Give

          Bare with me on this one as I try to convey a mindset.  As a person living with a disability, I have encountered an odd situation.  Am I really an inspiration to others?  I’m just trying to get through life like you, just need to do it differently.  This “inspiration-porn” as it is often called, people looking at someone with a disability and trying to justify it in their minds.  Sometimes even saying to me something along the lines of “I couldn’t live like that.” or “How do you do it, go every day and not be discouraged?”  Sometimes followed by “I’ll pray for you to walk again.”  Gee thanks, $50 would really do more for me, but whatever makes you feel better.  First off, I have my struggles just like you and everyone else.  Secondly, how am I really supposed to respond to those comments? 

          I’m competitive.  Always have been.  As a new patient following my diving accident in 2005, it’s a mindset I developed.  It can always be worse.  Can’t use my fingers, at least I can move my arms, that would make things tougher.  Can’t walk, this wheelchair certainly makes it easier to get around.  No sensation below my injury level, better than constant pain or being perpetually un-comfortable.  There are any number of ways in which our individual circumstances could be worse.  So what keeps me going?  A stubborn personality accompanied with motivation to keep going. 

          I too find inspiration in other people.  This brief clip from an E60 report hit home for me. Cliff Devries Birthday Dive

Whether they have a disability or pass along unique insight or experience for motivation.  They typically have some common threads such as refusing to quit and giving more because they had more to give.  A few of my personal inspirations are former Navy SEALs David Goggins, Adam Brown, and Marcus Luttrell.  The books Fearless based on Adam’s life, and Lone Survivor based on Marcus’ gunfight and survival in Afghanistan, will pop into my head whenever I’m struggling.  Giving me an internal monologue of “keep going and I have more to give, give it”.  They have been through more difficulty than I have and are still here.  I highly suggest reading those books and seeing what determination can do for a person.

          Knowing/learning about your body is essential.  Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations or scenarios, but pushing yourself to do more is a powerful experience.  A way to build self-confidence and develop goal setting.  The building on myself is what has the biggest impact.  The ability to know what can be accomplished and also not being afraid to fail, as we are not going to meet every challenge.  Failure can be just as equal a building block as success creates.  

So the next time that things aren't going as planned or you are struggling, look inside yourself.  Is there more to give?  We have the ability to decide.  #Awareness


  • 19 Jan 2020 9:22 AM | Stephen B
    I understand about struggles being a person with multiples disabilities. Some you see and some you don't.
    Being in a wheelchair all the time, having shooting pain going through my different parts of my body anytime I move and do some kind of activity. Yes it is hard, hard to keep going, stay positive, stay motivated.

    What keep me going is helping others, educating people that want to be educated and planting a seed of knowledge to the ones that have a hard time understanding, Hoping one day they will understand.
    I also have learned there are two types of pain, suffering pain, a pain that I dwell on and do nothing, now reward for this type of pain. Then enjoyable pain, pain I get from doing thing to please myself and others. The time when I am finished helping someone or accomplish a task for myself.
    Yes, after a long day and rest . Attempting to relax and let my pain settle down, I think back why I am in this pain. Then I remember how I completed a task or help someone. This bring a smile and good memory of what I did to get through the pain. Pleasure is better then suffering pain.

    IT is about your mind set, not to dwell for me and realize no matter what I do the pain is going to be there. So this get me motivated to do good acts, For at least I will be able to smile through the pain.

    This is how I deal with my disabilities and keep smiling. I hope it will help and give others some ideals.
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