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The Loan Closet is like a Genie!!

14 Apr 2020 2:42 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

LOAN CLOSETan inside look at part of the loan closet. There are shelves and equipment sorted through the room. equipment shown includes wheelchairs cushions walkers shower benches and more

At some point in our lives most of us will experience, at minimum, a temporary disability.  Whether that is through surgery, illness, accident or just that darn aging process.  The loan closet at disAbility Connections uses affordable pricing to assist people with medical equipment (crutches, scooters, shower benches, canes, and much more) that may be needed as either a temporary rental or long term.

We provide approximately 760 people each year with needed equipment.  Much of the equipment we provide is either not covered by insurance or requires a high deductible.  No matter what your income we strive to be sure that no one goes without. 

We are extremely lucky that Jackson is such a generous community.  Equipment and monetary donations allow us to keep this program successful.  We sanitize and repair donations in preparation for loan.  What we can’t repair we remove any usable parts and use for our Fix-dis repair program.

When you visit our office the first face you are likely to see is Brooke.  Her smile and energy are contagious.  I’ll let her tell you in her own words her feelings on working with Loan Closet customers.

Brooke, Customer Relations Specialist

A woman with shoulder length curly dark hair and glasses wearing a black sweater and floral shirt sits in a desk chair and smiles at the camera. behind her is a light purple wall and bottom of an outdoors scene painting  We will have a consumer come in looking for something out of the ordinary and it’s difficult to tell them that we don’t have what they need.  Then “poof” someone will make a donation for exactly what they were looking for. The loan closet is like a genie.  One of the most rewarding things I get to do in my job is calling the consumer to inform them that we are able to meet their need.

In my short time working with disAbility connections and the loan closet, I continually hear from our community how grateful they are and that we made such a huge impact during a tough time in their lives. When you see someone meeting their goals through the loan closet you can see their independence rise, which is our mission; to see those with disabilities live their lives as independently as possible.  It’s a beautiful thing!

We aim to help people remain as independent as possible and access to affordable durable medical equipment is an important piece in the formula.  If you have used the loan closet or someone you know has, leave us a comment or share the experience on your social media.  


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