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Nursing Facility Transitions get People back to Normalcy

11 May 2020 10:02 AM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

          The role of our Nursing Facility Transition (NFT) Navigator helps to guide Medicaid recipients through the steps and processes to leave nursing facilities.  Isn’t it such a relief to get back and sleep in your own bed and be in your own environment after an extended time away?  It is one thing to have been vacationing or on a work trip, a little different story when it is forced because of health related issues.  These aren’t uncommon scenario’s either, our NFT assists about 40 people each year.  Sometimes depending on the needs of the person to be able to return home, some modifications or equipment are needed to ensure a safe environment before being allowed to be discharged.  Especially when it involves challenges that many haven’t faced before or experienced at this stage in their life. 

          A recent nursing facility transition, Kimm, has had a tough couple of recent years with a combination of ailments combining and forcing her into multiple extended hospitalizations and rehab stays.  Through those stopovers at Allegra, she first met disAbility Connections NFT Carmon.  After her most recent hospitalization following a knee replacement, Kimm knew she wanted to get out of there and back home with her boyfriend and their cat.  The most recent knee replacement comes just a few months after having the other knee replaced.  So she has not been able to physically do as much as she would like.  The combination of past health ailments and recent surgery were preventing her ability to be self-reliant and transitioning back home from the nursing facility.  Through some planning and working with Carmon, Kimm was able to go back home with some new equipment and systems in place.

          “Carmon went the extra mile to stay in contact and care for me”, said Kimm as she shared her experience, “she was able to get a ramp installed, helped arrange for chore services to come, and even got me one of those recliners to help me get up”.  Being home has been great for her morale and her health is getting better.  Setting a chair in the turn-back of the ramp works as a “mini-porch”, getting Kimm outside and able to geta small wooden ramp is shown outside of a white house. The ramp turns back on itself creating a landng, the landing has a folding chair on it. fresh air and socialize with neighbors as well from a safe distance as they pass along the sidewalk.  She has been doing physical therapy from home, and trying to lose some weight while hoping to reach some of her goals of gaining more strength and stamina to not needing a walker anymore.  With some grit and perseverance Kimm hopes to be out helping in the yard this summer while being able to enjoy the company of people as they can visit her at home rather than inside of a hospital or nursing facility.

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