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Jon Hart - gentleman with medium length brown hair and a beard smiles at camera Jon Hart - Executive Director & Acting Youth Services Director. 517-998-3082 email is -Leadership and management of disability connections Inc and disability connections foundation.  Teach referred students work habits through onsite jobs.  Adjust and advise students with different methods to improve their performance


Woman with blonde hair pulled back, wears a pink sweater over her shoulders and smiles st the camera while she sits at a table with her hands together on top of the tableTeri Aiuto. Finance Director. phone number is 517-998-6813  email is Works Mon through Friday 8:30AM to 430PM

Mindy Albert - woman with short red hair smilesMindy Albert - Information & Referral Specialist. phone number is 517-782-6054. Email is  Mindy works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11:30 AM until 4:30 PM.  She can help find resources and assist with benefits counseling

Lora Bigcraft - blonde woman with curly hair and glasses Lora Bigcraft - Services Director. phone number is 517-998-3081. email is Monday through Friday 830am - 430pm

Richard Bowser - Employment Navigator  517-998-3093  Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  Identify and eliminate barriers to independence and self-sufficiency.  Help individuals access and navigate state systems including public assistanceA man with long white hair parted and pulled over to the side with black rimmed square glasses and white goatee smiles looking twards the camera.  He is wearing a black shirt with blue and white horizontal stripes

Charles Butchart - Supervisor & Trainer with Students.  Phone number is 517-782-6054.  Email is Charles@disabiltyconnect.orgCharles Butchart.  Older man with medium long grey hair and goatee in a red flannel shirt

a woman with short brown hair and glasses and purple top looks at the camera and smileblack text and white background.  Shelby Dalton -C

Brian Elliott.  Advocacy & Accessibility Manager. 517-998-3090. email is works Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM.  Planning, Coordination, and implementation of systems advocacy to promote accessibility in housing, transportation, and overall access for those with disabilitiesBrian Elliott - man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and beard smiles at camera

young woman with long blonde hair and glasses sits in an office chair and a long sleeved pink shirtJessica Ellsworth. Information & Referral Specialist. 517-782-6054. works Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 12:30PM

Ladarious Jefferies - young man with short black hair and thin beardLedarious Jefferies - Durable medical equipment

Holly Peterson - Woman with red shoulderlength hair smiles towards camera Holly Peterson. Parent Education & Resource Coordinator. Phone number is 517-998-3097. Email is  Works Monday through Thursday 8:45AM to 5PM

Carmon Yeloushan - woman with short blonde hair and gold hoop earrings looks and smiles at the cameraCarmon Yeloushan - Nursing facility transition Coordinator. (517)998-3080. email is Monday through Friday 830am to 430pm

disAbility Connections, Inc.      409 Linden Ave.  Jackson, MI   49203      Phone:  (517) 782-6054      Fax:  (517)  782-3118

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