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Folding Batteries Could Change the World

07 Aug 2012 3:23 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

Folding Batteries Could Change the World

By: Parrish L. Stahl

The jump between this and scooters used by the disAbled community is a really narrow divide. I find it exciting. The big drawbacks to batteries are weight, cost and duration. We owe much of this technology advancement to the space program.

We have largely solved duration problems and weights are coming down, but will people with disabilities be able to afford the technology that would help them maintain and gain independence? Must we be economically viable to make real systems change an ongoing endeavor? There is always a series of steps that helps things happen for all people.  Everyone needs reliable transportation, safe adequate housing and healthcare, but the system demands that people with disabilities live in poverty to get a safety net.

We do not do a very good job at telling policy makers why we need access to technology that not only makes life a little easier, but plays a huge roll in making us an asset to the American melting pot instead of a drain. Something as simple as a truly light weight mobility device with a folding battery could make it possible for individuals to transport the device easily with a passenger car.  That would mean many of us wouldn’t need expensive vans.

Is it not time we look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable for why change does not happen sooner?  There are certain aspects of our life we cannot control, but there are things we can do.  Reach out and use your voice and together we will all be better off.  I believe one of our largest problems is our collective silence.  Am I wrong, if not, how can our base be energized? 

The future is coming.  If you would like to read about the folding battery, click on the link below.

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