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Before Success: Someone Had to Believe, by Parrish Stahl

08 Aug 2012 4:36 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)

Before Success: Someone Had To Believe

By: Parrish L. Stahl

As a baseball follower it is easy to marvel at the talent the Detroit Tigers put on the field.  Justin Verlander could possibly be the best pitcher in the game. Miguel Cabrera and Price Fielder are two of the premiere hitters in the history of the Tiger organization.  They are media super stars.  Professional athletes and successful people in general have something in common; someone somewhere along the line believed in them and let them pursue a dream.

The odds of playing in the major leagues are astronomical.  There are no bad players in the majors; just a select few are elite though and every one of them have had to make dedication and family sacrifice a way of life.  I had a conversation with the mother of Tigers pitcher Phil Coke, and she said half-jokingly, “it is just little league all over again, the foods better though.”  We so often hear about the great salaries and forget the people behind the scenes that spend years supporting other people’s dreams. 

No one can succeed in any walk of life unless other people are there to support them.  Someone drove every major leaguer to practice for years before they made it.  Before there was the manicured fields, air conditioned club houses, limousines, airplanes and catered food; there were dusty sand lots, burning hot summer days, broken down buses, shortages of equipment and sack lunches.  Even the greatest Tiger of all, Al Kaline, who came directly from high school to the Detroit Tigers in 1953 and has been with the organization as a player, broadcaster and executive ever since, needed people to believe in him at every step along the way.  Another famous man with very small hands wandered into a gym in Louisville, KY, mad because someone stole his bike.  He planned to do something criminal, but was headed off by someone who cared and channeled his passion.  That little boy grew up to be the 3-time Heavy Weight Champion, his name, Muhammad Ali.

Someone saw potential in Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Elvis Presley and you if you are reading this.  Someone thought it was essential that you learned to read. If you see talent are you supporting it and fostering its development?  How much talent and ability is overlooked because no one was there to help?  We all have the potential to change the world.  Your life is not the only destiny you control.  What can you do to work on a better future?  History is full of little things that became huge victories.

Even if you never became a professional, if you are successful there was a coach, parent, friend, relative, teacher, bus driver, or a perfect stranger that impacted your life in a positive way.  Roll models and inspirations are not limited to a select few.  Do not sell yourself short; we all have something to give. Let’s talk about your ideas! Who believed in you and what can you do to return the favor?


  • 09 Aug 2012 2:17 PM | Lora Bigcraft (Administrator)
    Pastor Michael Mason to Parrish Stahl
    Excellent article. The New Testament is filled with "one another’s" to focus on sharing the journey of our life. "Love one another." "Help one another." "Encourage one another." "Forgive one another." On and on the list goes. Your article builds on that important foundation from Jesus who said, "Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength...and love your neighbor as yourself."

    Cathy Yori to Parrish Stahl

    Wow Perry this great! I needed this type of message today.

    Ted Miller to Parrish Stahl
    What a beautiful sentiment—and so true. Nicely said, Parrish!
    Thanks for sharing, Cathy.
    Jen Gossett to Parrish Stahl
    Jen Gossett Wow! Amazing blog post from Parrish Stahl (Jackson RICC Member and soon to be Jackson RICC Co-Chair Person)

    Brooke Bratton Tibbe to Parrish Stahl

    Mike Way Excellent Piece Parrish, thanks for sharing.

    Kelli Simkus mentioned you in a comment.

    Kelli wrote: "I love this post Parrish! How true this really is! Believers to make the world go round :)"

    Catherine Brechtelsbauer
    You all came to mind when I read Parrish’s blog about people who help others be successful. Thanks to all of you!
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    • 13 Aug 2012 1:29 PM | Parrish Stahl
      This was written very well, with a lot of heart put into it. After you read this please pass it along and share it with your friends. Who knows after this you might think of someone that you might be able to help or guide along their path to success.

      Chris Simkus-Softball Coach
      Tracy Rubert Blankenberger Great message Perry!
      Kathleen Holmes Conley You wrote a little piece of awesomeness there.
      Ron Hamilton Right on Perry, the message makes you think.
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      • 13 Aug 2012 1:59 PM | Parrish Stahl
        Janice Sweet Fairley commented on your link.
        Janice wrote: "I may write a book on the life and times of ME...just to give credit to all the wonderful people who's shoulders I ride on. Those people supported, directed, shared and loved me into whom much is given, much is required and I am delighted to do the same things for others that were done for me...especially the love and respect...the images and list of names is long. Thanks for sharing this and asking that question... taking me back some. The words to the song 'The way we were' describes some of what I'm thinking in this moment. Such wonderful people believed in me and helped me. I will forever bring glory to God by being used by Him to help others... Peace to you, friend!"
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        • 13 Aug 2012 2:00 PM | Parrish Stahl
          Amber Sunshine Phenix commented on your link.
          Amber wrote: "Wow Perry! That's good food for thought. So often we hear about who held us back & stood in our way and forget to highlight those who lifted us up, who believed in us allowing us to believe in ourself! I really like paying more attention to the positive, the hope givers, those who lift us up. Thanks for sharing.
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          • 13 Aug 2012 2:01 PM | Parrish Stahl
            Jill Cripe commented on your link.
            Jill wrote: "This is so very true! We need to encourage one another and be so thankful for those that encouraged us:)"
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            • 13 Aug 2012 2:02 PM | Parrish Stahl
              JL Rubert
              Do you think that maybe that in some people, their reach exceeds their grasp........................
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