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The Great Outdoors

22 May 2019 2:43 PM | Anonymous

The Great Outdoors

For those outdoorsy types, remember family camping trips when you were younger?  You know those trips where one time you forgot the bug spray, so the next time you bought out the store.  Determined to either not forget it again or stash cans away in so many places that if you did somehow forget, a can wouldn’t be far away.  We all like those camping type, the person with at least one of everything you may possibly need.  Just don’t like packing or unpacking with that person and their endless supplies.  Now throw in a person with a disability.  The supply list may have just doubled.  Planning needs to be thoroughly considered.  Plans need to be considered for what to take, but do you know what will be available where you are going?

Much like any other trip for a person with a disability, camping requires detailed planning and an awareness of what you need.  I’m not talking about “Glamping” in a hotel either.  Real camping is what this is about.  Need a power source for a vent, chair, or other equipment?  What about bathroom supplies?  Bedding needs?  Comfort items?  A detailed list of needs vs luxuries will help shrink down the amount truly needed.  A nicety about camping in 2019 is ability to get information and research where you will be.

Prepare by calling ahead. Knowing what type of camping you want to do and what type of camping is offered is essential to an enjoyable experience.  There are different “styles” of campgrounds and sites.  Are you going in an RV and need electric hookups or going with just your car and a backpack to be “one with nature” in a genuine rustic getaway?  Because those are both options in locations throughout Michigan.  DNR has information available at www.michigan.gov/dnraccessbility describing the campground along with other area attractions.  Attractions such as trails discussed in the July/August 2018 newsletter or now is a great time to visit Jackson's Dahlem Center & Nature Conservancy.  Don't miss the “Nature for All Trail” that disAbility Connections helped to become a reality a few seasons ago.  Get outside, breath the clean pure air and enjoy Michigan’s magical outdoors.    

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