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Farmer's Markets Opportunities

29 Jul 2019 12:51 PM | Anonymous

By:  Parrish Stahl

We all have to deal with some heat and humidity in Mid-Michigan this

time of year, yet it is still a glorious time to be outside and active.  Sometimes people feel powerless over disabilities and the state of our bodies, but no matter what, there are things we can do to be healthier.  Part of maintaining an active life with a healthy body, mind, and spirit is working on our nutrition.   As much as we love meat on the grill, we should not overlook fresh vegetables and sweet natural fruit choices.  Especially when they are locally grown.  Farmer’s Markets are a great source for local products and have been popping up all over SE Michigan.  The links below lead to their listings, locations, and hours of operation.  

CHECK IF Farmers Market accepts: 
Food Assistance Benefits including SNAP/Bridge Cards, Double Up Food Bucks & WIC Project Fresh

http://www.localfarmmarkets.org/MIsefarmmarkets.php   = SE Michigan

http://mifma.org/findafarmersmarket/  =  Search Michigan for a local Farmer’s Market

https://www.visitlenawee.com/local-farmers-markets/  =  Lenawee County Listings

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