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Keeping Active Through Agrability

20 Nov 2019 11:15 AM | Anonymous

         Approximately 1 in 5 Americans are living with someA person uses active hands wrapping aide. It wraps a persons hand around a handle such as a handsaw or hand trowel for gardening and digs into dirt sort of a disability.  If about 20% of our population has a disability, there has to be some businesses focused on keeping people active or working.  Actually, there are many organizations that will be eager to help those with disabilities enter/remain/re-enter the workforce.  Specifically, what about those people out in the fields and farms that cover the countryside?  Agrability (www.agrability.org) is the answer.  They are not only for those that make their livings outdoors, but for any that enjoy working outdoors in general or for those that dabble in farm living and management. 

        Agrability works with people to help them stay active outdoors.  Through adapting/modifying equipment you use, they work with you to get you back out there doing what you like.  Another really cool aspect of Agrability and their website is their Toolbox of Assistive Technology Database (http://www.agrability.org/toolbox/).  Users can search by category or search item and products will appear that they have reviewed and added.  They then provide where people can get it along with the price range.  They have everything from low cost $15 arthritis anti-vibration gloves to save hands while mowing or using a chainsaw, then have high-end high technology products like hydraulic chair lifts into tractors and combines.  Point being, they have something for everyone on their site.  If they don’t have what would make your tasks easier, contact them and see what can be done.

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