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Systems Advocacy 

disAbility Connections staff, board members and volunteers are involved in advocacy at local, state and federal levels to address barriers, provide input on necessary changes and to help collect information on needs in our community.  Following are our current areas of focus.

To find your Representatives click here.

Contact Senator Debbie Stabenow:

Mid-Michigan Office (517) 203-1760

Washington DC Office (202) 224-4822

Reach her facebook here.

Senator Debbie Stabenow Twitter here.

Email Senator Stabenow please click here.

Contact Congressman Tim Walberg:

          Jackson Office (517) 780 -9075

          Washington D.C. Office (202) 225 – 6276

          Reach his facebook here.

          Congressman Tim Walberg Twitter here.

          Email Congressman Walberg click here.




disAbility Connections staff are currently focusing on the following areas

     Active Jackson - Attended by Brian Elliott, disAbility Connections staff. This group is concerned with all people being able to move around the city with ease using public transportation, bikes, wheelchairs, and mobility devices;  also focuses on sidewalks with ADA accessible curb ramps and cutaways, proper signage, bicycle lanes as well as trails, walkways and other methods of connecting people throughout the city.


          Continuam of Care - Finding safe, accessible and affordable housing is a challenge to locate in all our communities.  disAbility Connections staff are members of the Continuam of Care for Homelessness in Jackson (Brian Elliott), Hillsdale (Jon Hart) and Lenawee (Brian Elliott) to provide input on housing needs of people with disabilities in our communities.  These groups work to gather information on community needs, develop local plans and apply for funds to address local needs through HUD, MSHDA and other funding streams.

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