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It is a matter of having a serious disability, yet living independently, being productive and enjoying life.  It is families and individuals having a support network when the wheelchair breaks, the insurance company balks or transportation becomes a barrier. disAbility Connections assists and advocates on behalf of individuals and families who deal with the effects of disease, accident, and disability.

Sometimes that means lending crutches or shower chairs.  It means relieving parents who care for a child with disabilities 24 hours a day.  It means helping someone find an adaptive device which allows them to maintain a daily living activity or learn about high tech electronic devices which can assist with communication.

disAbility Connections got its start over 90 years ago and has been growing to meet local needs since that time.  In 2005 we became a Center for Independent Living, one of a network of more than 600 across the country and throughout the world.


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To learn more about disAbility Connections and how we can help you, call, email or write to us at the address below. 


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disAbility Connections

409 Linden Avenue

Jackson, MI 49203

Phone: (517) 782-6054

Fax: (517) 782-3118\

1040 S. Winter St

Suite 3010

Adrian, MI 489221

Phone: 517-264-5330

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